Triton Elementary wraps up year’s music programs

BOURBON — The auditorium was packed for the final Triton Elementary School music program of the year last Tuesday. The kindergarten and first-grade classes presented their version of a zoo theme directed by music teacher Mollie Kintzel.
The 135 students were clearly having fun as they danced and sang a total of 14 songs around the theme. Kindergartners began with the song “Alphabet Zoo” which was also reprised at the end of their segment. Matthew Schuh was the Safari Guy leading the singing of “Bear Hunt.” “Sally the Camel” was enhanced by cardboard cutouts of camels, while “Six Little Monkeys” wore monkey hats. Other songs included “See You Later, Alligator,” “One Little Elephant,” and “Boa Constrictor.”
The classes of Mrs. Beam/Mrs. Blackford, Mrs. Boren/Mrs. Feldman, Mrs. Finley/Mrs. Shearer, and Mrs. Potter/Mrs. Blackford have been studying animals in preparation for the program. In addition, the kindergarten and first-graders will all be going on a field trip to the zoo before the end of school.
Not to be outdone, the first-graders began their segment with “Going to the Zoo,” which was also reprised at the end. Following the song “Kookaburra,” several students accompanied “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” on their xylophones. “Rocco, the Rhyming Rhino” was a favorite, as well as the crowd pleaser “Please Say Cheese” in which the lead singer was Lilee Stetzel. Other first-grade numbers included “Hip Hippopotamus” and “Matilda the Gorilla.” First-grade teachers are Mrs. Bilinski, Mrs. Glingle, and Mrs. Klotz.
The school principal, Jeremy Riffle, also got into the act as he introduced each segment and congratulated each age level. In addition, the program for the event was decorated with appropriate student drawings of various zoo animals.
Kintzel has been teaching music at Triton Elementary for 22 years. Until six years ago she taught primary plus fourth grade. At that time, she became the full-time music specialist K-6. “I enjoy teaching all the grades,” she said. “Each age level offers different challenges and joys.”
She has always wanted to be a music teacher since the sixth grade. “It’s my dream job,” she said. “It’s like play to me.” Her preparation includes a bachelor of music education from Grace College and a masters of elementary education from Indiana University Fort Wayne. Unique to her style of teaching is her use of multiple expressions, including singing, instrumentals, dance, and music history.
Although this is the last Triton Elementary music performance this school year, look for next year’s schedule as each of the elementary grades has its own designated time to shine.