Triton, Culver split NSC dual meet

BOURBON — A two-way meet with a conference opponent is always a good opportunity to see where you stack up in your league.
With the Northern State Conference meet still two weeks out, Triton hosted Culver Thursday, and the two schools earned a split as Culver’s boys beat their hosts 84-43, and Triton’s girls edged out the Lady Cavaliers 61-53.
Culver’s boys team went one-two in seven different events against a young Trojans team ailing with injuries, and the Cavaliers earned a convincing win on a gusty, cold night in Bourbon.
“Tonight I think Triton has been hit by injuries pretty bad so we were able to get some seconds where maybe their top guy would have gotten our second or even first,” said Culver boys track coach Chad Hollenbaugh. “One help was injuries, but I think the other thing is we’ve been trying to build depth. We have some numbers in the program now, and being able to have that depth has helped us score points like that.”
“We’re just really thin in a lot of areas, and we’ve got some kids who are missing that I think will perform well come conference time,” said Triton boys coach Curt Kreft. “(Tyler) Ameigh can probably run the hurdles in 16-flat. He’s got a quad problem that he hurt a week ago. He’s coming back; hopefully he’ll run Saturday at the Kouts Invitational. Then we have a freshman who was running a mid-53 to 54 in the 400, and he’ll do pretty well in there and in the long jump... We’re just kind of thin. Hopefully we’ll get some kids out next year.”
Culver took the top two places in a total of seven events at the meet — in both hurdles races, the 100, 200, 400 and the high jump and discus — and broke tape in all three relays for the wide margin of victory.
Bradley Beaver was a quadruple winner in the high jump, the long jump, the individual 400 and in the 1600 relay, while Matt Hurford won the 300 hurdles, the shot put and was a winner in the 1600 relay, and Cole Flora recorded wins in the 100, 200 and the 400 relay.
“Matt’s the color of our team, really. He’ll practice hard every day just like he does in football and wrestling and compete,” said Hollenbaugh. “He may not look like the smoothest runner out there, but he sure does compete and go as hard as he can, and he’s all about scoring points anywhere for the team. He’d never done shot put before in his life and we got him going at the start of the season, and now he’s put himself in a place where he can score points at conference and sectional.”
“Cole Flora has been real consistent in the sprints,” he added. “He’s been injury-free, knock on wood. He’s had a couple of disappointing ends to his season due to injury in the past so hopefully he can continue with that. He’s had his best season by far in my three years of coaching and been real consistent in the sprints for us.”
Triton’s boys earned most of their points in the distance events, meanwhile as the Trojans finished one-two in the 1600 and swept the top three places in the 3200. Trent Stackhouse earned top honors in both the 1600 and 800 at the meet, while Nick Nordmann, Trent Cooper and Derek Johnston went one-two-three, respectively in the two-mile, and Blake Johnson won the long jump.
“We thought we’d better score some points where we could tonight so we put some kids in who don’t always run the mile so we could score some points and get some ribbons and points toward a varsity letter,” said Triton boys coach Curt Kreft.
“Trent does a good job. He’s been a solid performer every meet in middle distance, usually placing first or second. He has good speed and good endurance; we’re hoping that he can go in the 2:02 range for us soon. His workouts are really strong.”
Both Triton’s and Culver’s girls teams face low turnout this year, but both benefitted from some strong individual performances Thursday.
Culver went one-two in the 100 and 400, but the Lady Trojans earned the top two places in the 800, 3200 and in the long jump to edge out the Lady Cavs.
Allie Kann took top finishes in the 1600, 3200 and as anchor for Triton’s winning 3200 relay team, and Meagan Howdeshell won both throwing events. Makayla Mussilli and Ashley Borg went one-two in the long jump, Mussilli backed up Kann as Triton’s girls went one-two in the 3200, and Courtney Burns and Shana Anderson finished first and second, respectively, in the 800. Anderson was steady for the night as she also competed on her team’s winning 3200 relay, placed second in the 800 and tied for second with teammate Autumn Kann in the high jump.
“Meagan is our leading scorer; she pulls a lot of points for us,” said Triton girls coach Shelly Feldman. “Good leadership, she was a state qualifier last year. Hopefully she’ll be a state qualifier again for us this year in the discus, and I’d like to see her go in shot also.
“Our 800 runners have been doing well. That’ll help us in the conference. Our high jumpers are doing real well, and one of the high jumpers is a freshman this year. She’ll do decent.”
While Culver fell short of a team win, the Lady Cavs had a historic night as sophomore Kayla Shaffer broke her school’s 100-meter dash record with an 11.1-second time, putting another feather in her cap after breaking the program’s 200-meter dash record recently. Shaffer took home wins in all of her races as she won the 100, 200, 400 and ran anchor for her team’s winning 1600 relay team. She was followed closely by teammate Denisha Brown in the 100 and 400 as the Lady Cavs went one-two in both events.
“She does a great job. She’s really fast,” said Culver girls coach Michael Buschman of Shaffer. “The nice thing is with having she and Denisha both around it doesn’t really matter what the competition is; they’re pushing each other because wherever one is finishing first the other is pushing right there on her coat tails. She just works really hard. She runs some really tough races. The 100, 200, 400 and then 4 by 400, that’s a pretty serious work load, and she does it without batting an eye. Actually she requested to put together a 4 by 400 team to beef us up.”
Brown also competed on Culver’s winning 1600 relay team, while freshman Tatum Schultz earned wins in both hurdles races, the high jump and in the 4X400 along with Donna Zehner, who finished in second behind Howdeshell in both throwing events.
“The big thing is we don’t have a lot of girls running so we’ve got to try to spread out,” Buschman said. “With conference coming we’re just trying to figure out what our identity is going to be going into that. We kind of have to get times and distances down so that we’re ready to go there, and that kind of was our goal tonight more so than worrying about trying to pick up a victory. That’s nice, but we’re short a couple runners and we’re just trying to get some of those distances and times out in events that we project possibly using in conference.”
Boys meet
At Bourbon
3200 relay: 1. Culver (Names not given) 10:12; 110 hurdles: 1. Micah Budzinski © 15.8, 2. Matt Hurford © 16; 100: 1. Cole Flora © 11.1, 2. Kevin Hogan © 11.2; 1600: 1. Trenton Stackhouse (T) 5:19, 2. Nick Nordmann (T) 5:20; 400 relay: 1. Culver (Flora, Tucker Schultz, Keith Back, Budzinski) 48.5; 400: 1. Bradley Beaver © 1:01, 2. Schultz © 1:03; 300 hurdles: 1. Hurford © 46.06, 2. Budzinski © 47.03; 800: 1. Stackhouse (T) 2:19, 2. Preston Hansel © 2:26; 200: 1. Flora © 24.3, 2. Budzinski © 26; 1600 relay: 1. Culver (Schultz, Hurford, Beaver, Hansel) 3:59.2; Shot put: 1. Hurford © 43.4, 2. Mike Horne (T) 40-7.1; Discus: 1. Kevin Hogan © 100-7, 2. Hopkins © 96-8.5; Pole vault: 1. Blake Johnson (T) 10-0, 2. Dylan Bennett © 10-0; Long jump: 1. Beaver © 17-4, 2. D.J. Riffle (T) 14-7; High jump: 1. Beaver © 6-0, 2. Jacoda Anderson © 5-8.
Girls meet
At Bourbon
3200 relay: 1. Triton (Courtney Burns, Shana Anderson, Kayleigh Craig, Allie Kann) 13:03; 100 hurdles: 1. Tatum Schultz © 17.7, 2. Sydney Gochenour (T) 19.3; 100: 1. Kayla Shaffer © 11.1, 2. Denisha Brown © 12.5; 1600: 1. Allie Kann (T) 6:36, 2. Chelsea Jones © 7:49; 400: 1. Shaffer © 1:06.4, 2. Brown © 1:06.6; 300 hurdles: 1. Tatum Schultz © 56.6, 2. Craig (T) 1:06.6; 800: 1. Burns (T) 2:59. 2. Anderson (T) 3:00; 200: 1. Shaffer © 28.8, 2. Autumn Kann (T) 32.2; 3200: 1. Kann (T) 13.35, 2. Makayla Mussilli (T) 16:42; 1600 relay: 1. Culver (Schultz, Donna Zehner, Brown, Shaffer) 4:52; Shot put: 1. Meagan Howdeshell (T) 36-9.5, 2. Zehner © 30-1.5; Discus: 1. Howdeshell (T) 118-2, 2. Zehner © 101-2; Pole vault: No entries; Long jump: 1. Mussilli (T) 11-10, 2. Ashley Borg (T) 10-3; High jump: 1. Schultz © 4-10, 2. TIE Anderson (T), Autumn Kann (T) 4-8