Triton art students take trip to Europe

BOURBON — Eight Triton High School art club students recently took a nine-day trip to Europe with their teacher, Diane Westphal. They visited Paris, Milan, Florence, Pisa, and Rome, checking out famous art and architecture along the way.
“The plane ride itself was an experience,” said one student, Ethan Yazel. “The eight-hour flight was a little tedious but it was worth it once we got to Paris.”
Yazel said that his favorite sights on the trip included the many old buildings.
“It’s amazing how they rebuild things to fit their needs instead of just tearing it down,” said Yazel. “It was incredible to see things that had been there for several thousand years.”
Westphal said the students picked up culture from their tour director during the trip.
“Our tour director, Ana, was awesome and very knowledgeable about the cultures and languages,” said Westphal. “The kids picked up common phrases in French and Italian while on tour, as she frequently mixed them in with English while talking.”
While in Paris, the students took a cruise on the river to look at architecture, and took photos outside the Eiffel Tower. Westphal said that they were not able to go inside because the elevators were not working. After Paris, the students moved on to other well-known destinations in Europe.
“A lot of (the students) were amazed at the sheer age of the places we were in, and how well they were preserved, and how much money was put into the buildings,” said Westphal. “The culture shocked them too, they didn’t realize how far behind we are in knowing things about other countries, and knowing languages of other countries.”
Yazel said that another highlight was seeing art such as Michelangelo’s David sculpture, that he had only seen before in books or on TV.
“Being able to see it in person was awesome,” said Yazel.
“When we reached Florence we attended a leather making demonstration and the students were able to purchase leather goods, knowing how to tell the difference between real and fake leather,” added Westphal. “This trip will hopefully be a great asset to those students who are furthering their education in art and architecture as they witnessed some of the world’s greatest treasures. It really opened their eyes to how other people live and made them appreciate where they come from.”