Triathlon training begins June 6

By Michelle Donaghey
BREMEN — Kids who compete in the triathlon this year will have an easier time finding their way down the routes. “We have added more barriers and guidelines so they don’t get confused on the routes,” says Sandy Moser noting that organizers have also “changed the transition area to make it safer” and have added a “spectator cross walkway.”
Those who wish to participate can get started soon by taking part in the summer training, which to is said to be the best part of doing this event.
“Seeing all the kids riding their bikes to the parks for the training is so exciting to me,” Moser said. “I just want and love seeing them getting outside and getting some exercise.” Training sessions for the event will take place again at the Sunnyside Park (starting by the pool) every Monday and Friday at 9:30 a.m. beginning Monday, June 6.
The worst thing about the training (as well as the event) for Moser has to be “when someone wrecks on their bikes.”
“The goal for this year’s triathlon is for more participants,” said Moser of the second annual event. “The reason I do this is to give kids a reason to get out and exercise. Exercising on your own with no goals is hard, but if you have a reason for training for the triathlon and lots of friends to train with, it makes it fun.”
She added that personally she wants her kids to be active over the summer. “This makes it a fun way to do it,” she said. Besides wishing for more participants, organizers hope that they again have volunteers step up to the plate to help out.
“Volunteers really have a great time watching these kids and they help the kids,” she said. “Last year, the youngest group to help out volunteering for the event was the local Boy Scouts, a group which brought about 12 volunteers.”
The 2nd annual Bremen Kiwanis Kids Triathlon will be held Saturday, July 16 at Sunnyside Park for kids aged 5 to 16 years of age. Age group division separates all children. Information can also be found at The registration fee is $20 if received by June 19. The race begins at 8 a.m. Every finisher will receive a medal and trophies are awarded for top five boy/girl finishers in each age division. There will also be a celebration with a deejay following the event that includes biking, running and swimming. Younger age groups (Division 1, 5 to 9 years old) are allowed to have one adult participant to help guide them along. No adults can maneuver the bike however. For more information contact Moser by calling 574-546-4002 or by email at
Photo by Michelle Donaghey
Bradley Grove, son of Sharon Hochstetler and Mark Grove, was born with a left diaphragmatic hernia and participated in last year’s triathlon. He had a lung the size of a pea and his heart had been moved to his right armpit area. The surgeons at Riley Hospital for Children put everything where it needed to be and after many weeks in the ICU, he was released to go home. Within three months of being home, his left lung caught up to his right. His mother said looking back she never thought he would participate in such an event as a triathlon.