Town will launch holiday decorating contest

BOURBON — Cash prizes are to be had next month, as Bourbon residents will battle each other for the title of best-dressed home for the holidays.
Those interested in competing should fill out an application at the clerk’s office before Dec. 12. Town Attorney Mark Wagner will judge and prizes are: $100 for first place, $75 for second place, and $50 for third place.
Homes in Bourbon may be well decorated for the holidays, but Clerk Kim Berger reported in Tuesday’s town council meeting that she is having some issues with Christmas decorations downtown.
Berger ordered new town Christmas decorations last February from Wayne Manufacturing in Iowa. She recently learned that the company is now bankrupt and the town will not be receiving either the decorations they ordered — 17 large Christmas wreaths — or the $2,800 they spent.
“There might not be any options for us,” said Berger Wednesday, adding that Wagner is looking into the situation.
Wagner noted in Tuesday’s meeting that the company’s assets may have already been absorbed.
Berger said that the old Christmas decorations — which the town had been using for 10 years — were in pretty bad condition.
“We had continuous issues with the lighting every time we put them up,” said Berger.
She is working with another company to get decorations on short notice, and she hopes to have them by the week of Thanksgiving.