Town topic returns to water tower leaks

BREMEN — Anthony Wagner, Bremen town attorney, initiated discussion regarding a problem with the biological oxidation towers at the waste water treatment plant.
The plant, which was recently renovated by Bowen Engineering Corporation, has incurred some minor leakage problems in the towers. Mountain Grout has been suggested by the company as a solution. The presumption is that the grout would be injected into the interior of the towers, seek out the water, and then initiate a chemical response, which would then create a seal at the sight of the leak.
There was a lot of question as to whether or not Mountain Grout should be used at this large of a scale, and if it would indeed preserve the towers for a period of time. According to Larry Long, the town engineer, Mountain Grout’s purpose is to seek out water leaks and seal them, and that it is the “standard of the industry…it is very effective in doing that.”
He said he believes the grout would likely work, though he would not recommend it as a permanent solution; he stated he would feel more comfortable if the grout was only used as an interim fix. He went on to say that one potential issue with using the grout is that it is difficult to tell if it is in fact working.
Another issue is that even if the grout works, it is not known how long it would fix the problem. After much discourse, the council decided upon the recommendation of Long that it would be wise to call in two consultants: a manufacturer’s representative from the Mountain Grout company, and an independent consultant to assess the condition of the towers and advise the best course of action.
Nine contractors resulted in six bids for the Sunnyside Parking Lot Expansion Project. The task will expand Jane’s Park to the south, replacing the farming field with athletic fields. The project will be completed in two bids: a base bid, and an alternate bid. The base bid, to be completed using this year’s funds, would finish all of the earthwork for the expansion.
This includes removing the topsoil, and working on the storm drainage and landscaping. It would prepare the area for the work of the alternate bid. This bid would utilize next year’s funds, and would include spreading out the asphalt millings and limestone, and finishing the project.
Long asked that the quote from Vrcm Incorporated for the base bid be approved. The owner of Vrcm Incorporated has done much of the work in that area in the past, and therefore would like to continue work at the site. The motion was passed.
In other council business, it was suggested that it might be beneficial to the town to revise the Bremen Zoning Ordinance. According to Wagner, the current zoning is confusing and could use modernization. He stated that revising the ordinance might allow the town to “lose more hassle than money.” Rezoning would align Bremen’s system with Marshall County’s system, and may prevent a rate increase for building permit inspection fees and/or licenses in the future if alignment does not occur now.