Town requests citizens don’t trash the dump

BREMEN — The Town of Bremen isn’t pleased with people dumping unacceptable refuse — including furniture and building parts into the city dump.
“We just want to remind people what it’s for,” explained Town Director of Operations Rich Martin.
What it’s for is for residents to dispose of their yard waste like grass clippings, and natural refuse from their flower beds. Residents are also welcome to take freely of the dump’s mulch pile consisting of ground up trees and brush to use to protect their flowers, plants or greenery.
“There’s a spot to dump grass and leaves, a spot for logs and stumps and for brush,” said Street and Water Department Superintendent Henry Aguayo. “The problem is that people are dumping things like furniture, old dressers, shingles and other building materials — even their regular household trash — things they aren’t supposed to.”
He explained that when that happens, the town has to pay for its disposal and that each year the town does accept those types of items, but only on designated Dump Days (and times) in May when special waste containers or industrial hoppers, shredders and other machinery is available for proper disposal of the items.
The town dump is located at the north end of Marshall Street and is open to the Bremen public 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But that could change if continuous unwanted material drop-offs continue.
“Years ago we used to have someone down there to accept things and it was only open certain days and times,” Aguayo explained. “We don’t want to restrict the hours but if it gets out of hand, we may have no choice.”
Those that do have unwanted items like mattresses, couches and the like that they want to dispose of can visit the town hall (in the office where they pay their utility bills) and request specific pickup — but a small fee is involved (charged by the town’s trash contractor) — which may make it better for those on a tight budget to keep those pieces in the basement or garage until spring.
Residents in the Bremen-area country and Lake of the Woods can also purchase a permit for $25 at the clerk’s office to dump their unwanted things like yard waste at the dump, and even private contractors can purchase a permit (for $250) to dump their brush, mulch, stumps or branches.
Those that live in town don’t have to take their leaves and brush to the dump themselves but can place their brush in the tree lawn area (the area between the sidewalk and the curb) and it is picked up on twice a week by the town at no charge. Likewise, leaves are picked up in the fall (and will continue to be removed through the end of November) if residents rake them into the street, in a tight row, at the curb. Town officials request that large sticks (brush) and other items be removed from the leaf piles so it doesn’t clog or damage town vacuum machinery and the town does not pickup grass, sod or garden waste.
“We just want to make sure no one is abusing or misusing it,” said Aguayo of the town dump area. “We want to leave it open to our public so it’s a good thing for them.”
To learn more, call Bremen Street and Water Department Superintendent Henry Aguayo at 574-546-4324