THROW BACK THURSDAY: An old flood remedied this year?

Jeff Kenney
Citizen editor

In next week's print edition of The Culver Citizen, we'll be detailing the Culver Redevelopment Commission's planned project for 2015 to overhaul the storm water system at Lake Shore Drive's business district, which has long been the recipient of runoff from the hilly streets to the north (Liberty, Forest, etc), and created scenes like this 1980s shot of Bob Adler trying to clear the storm drains outside Adler's Mini-Mart at 700 East Lake Shore Drive in Culver (home of today's Osborn's Mini-Mart and Subway). Water covered part of the street and crept up onto the sidewalk, noted the Citizen at the time, as it still does at the site nowadays during heavy rain events (which at least shouldn't be a problem in chilly Culver now, for a while).