THROW BACK THURSDAY The end of the Maxinkuckee schoolhouse.

Jeff Kenney
Citizen editor

In honor of the start of classes at Culver Community Schools this week, our Throw Back Thursday feature is a picture from 1939 of the old Maxinkuckee schoolhouse near the corner of 18B and Queen Roads.

The original Culver Citizen article writes:

"Many a fond memory will be revived by the countless numbers who attended the Maxinkuckee school when they read that the the building and grounds have been sold, thus definitely ending its days as a seat of learning. The building and grounds were sold to the highest bidder, John Bigley, for $505, the school having been closed a few years ago when the attendance dropped below the state requirement. It is understood that Mr. Bigley, whose orchards adjoin the school property, will use the structure for a storage house for fruit. It is rather a coincidence that exactly 30 years ago (in 1909) bids were opened for the erection of the Maxinkuckee schoolhouse, with the award going to Fred Thompson for $2,569."

The building stayed in the Bigley family until a decade or so ago. It's worth noting that the site of the school has been alleged to be the site of the cabin of the Potawatomi Chief Nees-Wau-Gee (whose story is told on a bronze plaque in the town park), whose lands ran along part of the east shore (their north border, in fact, was today's 18th Road).

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