THROW BACK THURSDAY Culver Academy golf course Vonnegut orchards 1930s

Jeff Kenney
Citizen editor

In light of Culver Academies' recent re-opening of its historic golf course, whose creation began in 1922 (with completion in 1923), presented here is an aerial view, circa early 1930s, of the course (as marked, in the upper section of the image) as it appeared at the time. The recently-completed project at the course restored it to its original, 1920s layout.

Also visible here is much of the Vonnegut Orchard land, which members of the prominent East Shore family purchased in 1919, operating it as an orchard until the death in 1939 of Emma Vonnegut, whom the Indianapolis Star dubbed, "the most successful woman orchardist" in this part of the country. That orchard included land currently owned by Dr. Warren Reiss, on which Emma and Walter Vonnegut's house, dubbed "The Hollyhocks," sat until it burned down in 1936, as well as land to the east and north, including the property presently occupied by Culver Academies' guest house and Academies-owned woodland along the eastern edge of the golf course, all of which is visible in the image here.

More on the Vonnegut orchard is available here and here

More information on the golf course project is forthcoming.