Team volunteers to fix up playground

LAKEVILLE — The LaVille boys basketball team and members of County Line Brethren Church recently partnered to fix up the playground at
Gatewood Estate Mobile Home Park. Park owner Ralph Costello said that the idea came from when coach Michael Edison and assistant Jack Edison took the basketball team to the Dominican Republic.
“The team got together and wanted to do something for their local community,” said Costello. “They contacted park manager David Gee and agreed to completely upgrade and paint the entire playground, mulch the ground and put up new glass backboards on the basketball court. It simply looks beautiful.”
“Last year we went to the Dominican Republic and were serving overseas,” explained Michael Edison. “A lot of our guys wanted to help out and do something locally. One of our boys, Nick Amor, really got gung-ho and really planned most all of it by himself. He got donations, wrote a letter to Lowe’s and they gave him a percent off of certain things.”
Members of County Line Brethren Church put up tents and served food and beverages for the volunteers. Several carpenters also made benches for the playground. All of the work was done in one day, in about four or five hours.
“We might have had about 50 people helping,” said Edison “It’s amazing what you can do with a lot of hands. This (park) was just really run down, weeds all over the place.”
“County Estate Mobile Home Park owners, managers, and residents sincerely thank LaVille basketball team and the beautiful people of County Line Brethren Church,” said Costello.