Superintendent McGuire bids Culver Schools farewell as of Dec. 21

Jeff Kenney
Citizen editor

Culver Community Schools superintendent Dr. Vicki McGuire has announced her departure from the school corporation to take a job at the Eastern Hancock School Corporation, which is located east of Indianapolis, with her departure from Culver official Monday, Dec. 21. CCSC director of operations (and longtime former Culver Elementary principal) Chuck Kitchell will take over her duties the following day as the school board -- which meets the night of the 21st -- considers its next decision.

And contrary to any assumptions otherwise, McGuire says her primary motives for the decision, which comes almost exactly two years after her arrival in the superintendent position here, have more to do with love of family than any other factors (though she adds there were other personal reasons involved in the decision as well).

"It was a tough decision," says McGuire, "and carrying it through was more difficult than I had anticipated."