Stolen anchor was family, Lake Maxinkuckee heirloom

On Friday evening, Sept. 20, sometimes around 1:30 a.m., a large anchor was stolen from the front yard of the home of James and 'Bunny' Esposito, of 802 E. Lake Shore Drive in Culver.

The anchor, however, isn't just a decorative piece, but more akin to a family heirloom, says Bunny.

"In June, 1976, while my husband and I were fishing in Lake Maxinkuckee, we found an anchor that has been a family 'friend' for 37 years. While fishing in our beloved Lake Maxinkuckee my husband thought he hooked 'the big one.' What was hooked to his anchor was another anchor. He dragged and floated the large schooner anchor and chain back to shore.

"With great excitement of the children, we ceremoniously carried the anchor up to our house. It was laid against a background of stones and red flowers of our home. Every year it was lovingly scraped and painted white so that all could see and enjoy it.

"Sad to say, after all these years in an honored spot it has been stolen from us...our hearts are as bare as the spot where it was taken."

This isn't the first recent theft from the family's home. A few weeks ago, several items were stolen from the Esposito's garage, which Culver police were able to recover (though no one has been arrested for the theft).

The family says a reward will be given for the return of the anchor.
Culver town marshal Wayne Bean affirms his department is investigating, and encourages anyone with information to contact the police at 574-842-2525.