Starke County Youth Club RadioThon

Jason Christopher
Staff Writer

The Starke County Youth Club has spent recent weeks gearing up for its largest annual fundraiser. On Friday, May 5th, WKVI plays host to a massive RadioThon in partnership with the SCYC. The RadioThon’s goals are to raise awareness for the program, share the year’s successes with listeners, and ensure funding for the years to come.

“Our mission is to support children and families,” said Irene Szakonyi, the program’s Executive Director. “I deeply believe that at its core, SCYC is the way to help kids succeed in school and in life. It’s an excellent model for the way a safe space, caring adults, and engaging activities can put kids on the right path for lifelong learning and success.”

The program serves six different locations at elementary, middle, and high school levels. More than 500 children in the community attend Club’s after-school programs every year. Some sites, like the Knox Community Elementary School location, regularly see attendance of more than fifty children daily.

A program of this size requires massive support. The goal of this year’s RadioThon is to raise $46,000 through community donations. Irene assures that all money raised remains local. “The funds remain here in Starke County and support the programs for kids. Gifts make sure that kids are safe, that the staff is well-trained, that there are materials and activities of high quality, and that we can be sustainable and here for kids LONG into the future.”

This time of year is an emotional and heartwarming time for both club families and the community. Funding is vital to...