Starke County no. 10 in state for meth labs

STARKE — The Indiana State Police Meth Suppression Unit has published the state wide numbers for Meth Labs dismantled for the state through the end of July. Starke County, located in the Lowell District, has the unwanted distinction of being tied for tenth in the state so far this year for Meth labs discovered and dismantled. There have been 20 Labs dismantled in Starke County through July.
This is the first time any county in the Lowell District (Lake, Porter, LaPorte, Newton, Jasper, Pulaski and Starke) has made it into the top 10. Lowell’s District's total for 2011 was 60 labs and they’re already at 46 for 2012.
Signs to look for Meth manufacturing are a strong ammonia smell, or solvent smell like an auto body shop. Look for air line type rubber tubing, ether or camp fuel cans, plastic bottles, Pseudo ephedrine packages, lithium battery casings, and propane tanks with a blue or green discoloration around the valve. The chemicals are highly explosive and fumes are toxic to breath and will damage internal organs.
Units continue to check pseudo ephedrine logs at businesses, and follow up on tips received. Often times, Meth Labs are found as a result of an anonymous tip from a neighbor or friend. Anyone with information about illegal drug use may call the Starke County Sheriff's office at 574-772- 3771, or the Indiana State Police Drug Tip Line at 1-800-453-4756. Tips can be made and kept anonymous. The Indiana Meth Investigation System, or IMIS, can also take tips on meth labs. Just go to and click on the “Report Suspected Meth Activity” link.