St. Michael parishioners celebrate 100th anniversary of cornerstone

PLYMOUTH — The 100th anniversary of the laying of the cornerstone of St. Michael Roman Catholic Church, 611 N. Center St., Plymouth, was celebrated with a special Mass and a buffet dinner for parishioners and friends on Wednesday, Sept. 29th.
“We also are celebrating St. Michael’s Feast of the Archangels Day,” Father William Kummer, pastor of the church since August of 2002, said, “Every year, we try to do something special on our name day,” Father Kummer said.
“Last year we dedicated our school’s new playground.”
The Most Reverend Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades, Bishop of the Ft. Wayne-South Bend Diocese, delivered the Homily and the Keynote address. People lined Center Street as he blessed the memorial plaque honoring the 100th milestone and rededicated the original cornerstone.
The Bishop celebrated Mass at 6 p.m. His co-celebrants were the Revs. Kummer, Eloy Jimenez and former pastors of St. Michael: Revs. David Voor and Laurence Tippmann.
The church was packed with standing room only as the Bishop delivered the Homily.
“For 100 years,” he said, “the faithful have gathered in this sacred place in Plymouth, Indiana.
“May the parish, under the protection of St. Michael, continue to grow and flourish as a sign that God’s love is in Plymouth and Marshall County.”
A roast turkey dinner provided by the Parish Pastoral Council in the school’s Activity Center followed the Mass. Dinner music was played by Cynthia Boener, Beth Pare and Kelly Filson.
Father Kummer said that the church’s parishioners are looking forward to early planning of the Sesquicentennial in 2012.
“The parish’s establishment history dates back years before the most turbulent times of our nation: the War Between the States, in 1862,” Bishop Rhoades said.
The parish of St. Michael is a living testimony to the Catholic faith of Marshall County’s pioneer citizens.
“Never be ashamed of your religion,” the Bishop said. “Be proud, be strong and be faithful.”
“In two more years we will celebrate that faith and those people,” the Bishop said.
“I look forward to coming back to be with you all in this beautiful church.Happy Anniversary!”