Spell Bowlers heading to state Saturday

PLYMOUTH — The Plymouth High School Spell Bowl team is heading for state competition Saturday, Nov. 13, at Purdue.
The team, coached by PHS English teacher Amy Schmeltz, accumulated the third highest score in the state in regional competition for its class.
“I’ve never coached a team before. I couldn’t be more pleased with their progress,” Schmeltz said.
The Spell Bowl differs slightly from the traditional spelling bee in that the contestants write out the words rather than spelling them verbally.
Schmeltz said the students work as a team for only 45 minutes a week after school Wednesdays, but they work individually all the time, adding they receive a list of 3,500 words at the beginning of the season that could be used in the competition.
There are 18 members of the team, but only 10 will be competing at state.
Schmeltz said the other team members will serve as alternates.