Special Culver park meeting Jan. 7 will be last until March

Culver Citizen
Citizen editor

The Culver park board has moved its meeting from the regular second Monday of the month to Wednesday, January 7, as most board members are heading to Florida. There will not be another park board meeting until they return in March, according to the Town of Culver. Meetings take place at 6:30 p.m. at the beach lodge in the town park on Lake Shore Drive in Culver.

In addition to regular reports from the park superintendent and committees, agenda items include a deck/rail quote for the beach lodge from Mosaic - Steve Parks, and Tony Sellers discussing Winter Fest at the park and lawn care guidelines. The full agenda is below.

1.Open Meeting
2. Roll Call
3. Pledge of Allegiance USA Flag
4. Election of Officers
5. Minute Approval
6. Mosaic - Steve Parks- Deck/Rail Quote
7. Tony Sellers - Lawn care guidelines and Winter Fest 2015
8. Attorney Report - Rachel Ardnt
9. Superintendent Report - Marc Hayden
10. Committee Reports
A. Building
B. Finance
C. Landscape
D. Policy
E. Pier
11. Reports by Board Members
12. Citizen Input
13. Claims & Adjournment

Board members: Tammy Shaffer (President), Patty Stallings (Vice President), Rhonda Reinhold (Secretary), John Helphrey, Bob Osborn, Tom Kearns.