Some Triton ticket prices to increase next year

BOURBON — Triton sports fans can expect some of their ticket prices to rise in the upcoming school year.
While the cost of tickets to varsity athletic events will remain the same, tickets to junior high events will go up to $2 for students and $10 per family.
“About 90 percent of our revenue comes from the gate receipts of our athletic contests,” said Triton Athletic Director Mason McIntyre via email. “It’s important for people to know that athletic departments in Indiana are self-funded. We do not receive funds from the school corporation, so our gate receipts are extremely important to us.” 
Another change for the 2013-2014 athletic seasons will be the removal of the Senior Citizen Gold Card.
In the past, Triton School Corporation-area residents who were at least 65 years of age received a Gold Card that admitted them to all athletic events for free. Starting next year, the pass will no longer be granted, but senior citizens in the district will instead have the opportunity to purchase a discounted sports pass for $40 — the same as a student pass — which will give them entry to all Triton elementary, junior high and high school athletic events with the exception of tournaments.
“This change is something that the Triton Administration has considered heavily over the past few years,” McIntyre said. “With the declining economy and the increasing costs in equipment, uniforms, officials, et cetera, we felt that this change was necessary to ensure that we are able to meet the quality standards that the Triton Athletic Department has come to know and appreciate. The revenue that will be generated from the sale of the Senior Citizen Pass will help us offset the increasing costs incurred in running the Triton Athletic Department.”  
The rise in junior high ticket prices and the end of the free Senior Citizen Gold Card will help sustain the Triton Athletic Department, says McIntyre, and he hopes Triton sports fans will be understanding of the changes.
“We genuinely appreciate the support of our many fans, and we hope that you will understand the need for these changes,” McIntyre said. “Triton Athletics has helped to positively shape the lives of many young people who have come through our doors, and with the support of our fans we will continue to positively impact the lives of many young people to come.”