Solving Lakeville's identity crisis

By Goretti Gonzalez
Staff Writer

LAKEVILLE - The Lakeville Town Council met Monday Aug. 5 to discuss an array of ongoing projects.

Lakeville Business Owners Association (LaBOA) and the Economic Development Commision (EDC) discussed their initiatives to promote the small town to the surrounding areas.

Secretary for LaBOA and EDC Dennis Denninger informed the town board of the initiatives being put forth. LaBOA published a full page in the Pilot Newspaper illustrating some of the features in Lakeville.

The association plans on making their way around the town businesses looking for advertisers. LaBOA also wants to expand the ad to include Lakeville businesses, features and committees as it plans to run the one page once a month.

With the loss of US 31, Lakeville is making its best efforts to highlight what the town has to offer. Instead of being a small town people pass through on their way to South Bend, Lakeville is trying to establish itself as a destination.

Ken Jones and Chris Chockley of Jones Petrie Rafinski (JPR) where present to discuss the projects for the Lakeville Comprehensive Land-Use Plan.

Jones, vice president of JPR, assured the council everything was going well and they are ahead of schedule.

Jones discussed the intended plans of the city streetscape and requirements needed for US 31 relinquishment. He also urged the council to complete paperwork for the ADA Transition Plan as there has been no word from the town attorney.

JPR has been working closely with the town of Lakeville since 2009 to redesign, improve and beautify the downtown. There have been multiple meetings discussing the needs and wants of the community to provide a streetscape that exemplifies the town.

In other action:

• Director of Operations Dan Casad placed a request for a donation from the town to purchase Christmas decorations. The Council approved a donation of $1,000.

• The Union/Lakeville Fire Territory will have their annual fundraiser on Aug. 24. The council will purchase a wheelbarrow to the fundraiser to be filled with items and raffled.

• Repairs to the firehouse where discussed and a quote from Charlie Cline for an estimate of $2,500-2,800 for a peaked roof with overhangs for the roof house.

• Street paving was discussed. The wellhead protection was approved to be moved to phase two.

• The board discussed town lawn ordinances. Several properties have violated the lawn codes. Board President Martha Tyler said she wants to assure the properties are being checked up on and code is being followed.

• Police Chief Patrick Howard gave his report for July activities with 137 calls for service, 7 reports leading to 7 arrest. For the month, 144 tickets were issued, 71 for local ordinance violations.

• Officer Bishop’s Fundraiser at Hoosier Tire went well raising $2,100 to purchase a bullet proof vest for the K9 officer.

• Howard informed the board of the police department’s building progress. It is almost completed but there have been issues with the workers. The drywall needs to be finished and trim needs to be placed.

The board has been looking for volunteers to form the Lakeville Park Board. There have been several individuals who have shown interest in the past but

The Water and Sewer Rate hearing will be on Sept. 3 and the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce will provide Street Map and Resource Guides as Lakeville is included.

(This article was published in the Aug. 8 print and online editions of The Pilot News.)