Don Gray, 82, from Argos bangs down the gavel for his last auction Sunday, Feb. 26 at his Ten Pin Auction Service building on Lilac Road in Argos. Don got his auction license after graduating from the Reppert Auction School in 1952. Don said with a chuckle “I had to auction off a garden hoe as part of my class.” His first official auction was household goods and personal property from a house owned by E.G. Dubley in the 500 block of North Michigan Street in Plymouth. The house no longer stands there. He has had more than 3,000 auctions during his 60 years as auctioneer. Asked what was his strangest auction item — he laughed and said “It was a cremation urn with someone’s ashes still inside, but I didn’t know what it was until after the sale. To this day I still don’t know who it was.” His wife of 44 years, Nettie Lou, helped with the auctions and cooked meals in the sale barn for those attending. “I have made many friends and have had a lot of fun as an auctioneer. I will cherish those years in my heart for ever,” Don said with emotion.