The Snyders in concert tonight at Centennial Park

PLYMOUTH — This Friday, tonight, Encore Performing Arts’ Music in the Park features the return of Southside Denny & the Snyders, blues artists extraordinaire. There’ve been some changes since their last appearance two years ago.

Though locals still remember them as ‘Southside’ referring to South Bend, Snyder moved his family north to Montreal, Canada in 2007. And the rest of the band, his offspring, have sprouted.

His daughter Lorrie, now 18, does vocals and bass and son Philip, 14, still plays the drums. And Denny cut his hair. The ponytail is gone.
They’re excited about the release of their new album, ‘Growing Pains’ just released last month in which the youngsters have collaborated a great deal more. Snyder feels the growth of the family as a band is unmistakable on the new album.

Snyder, a native of Quebec, took to the road and enlisted his children in his band’s live concerts six years ago. At only 12 years of age at the time, Lorrie had already appeared on two songs in Snyder’s eighth album ‘Full Circle’, winner of blues album of the year in Québec in 2010, and performed at various festivals with him during the summers of 2009 and 2010. Some of these include the Salon du Guitare of the Montréal Jazz Festival, the Mont Tremblant Blues Festival and the Canadian Guitar Festival.

Denny’s son, Philip, began playing the drums at three. He first performed with his father at the Boite à Chansons de L’Assomption in October, 2010.

The band is now using their given family name, The Snyders. Deeply rooted in Chicago blues, the band crosses many musical styles and influences, making it difficult to categorize their music. They merge such diverse musical elements as blues, rock, funk, francophone pop and even manouche into their sound. Staying true to the roots of the entire group, they are also bilingual and have several songs in French in their repertoire.

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All Music in the Park concerts are in Centennial Park in the Young Amphitheater. Bring a lawn chair, your favorite beverage and a picnic to enjoy this special music.

Gates open at 6 p.m. with the performance at 7:30. All tickets are $10 for adults. Children and students are free.