The small-town ‘Standard’: Bourbon family foresees resurgence in small towns

Jordan Fuller’s mother, Jayne Fuller, owns The Standard in downtown Bourbon with her husband, Jeff.
Courtney Dobrzykowski
Staff Writer

“We have one stoplight; we have a Main Street lined with shops owned by second, third generations of locals; we have that small-town kind of charm that some people only see in movies; and I think that’s what people want right now.”

Jordan Fuller, a lifelong Bourbon resident who likes to stay involved in the community, said his children are the seventh generation of family to grow up in the small town.

“So our roots are fairly thick and deep when it comes to Bourbon, and I think that’s the way a lot of people can get,” he said. “We kind of have a joke in here, we call it ‘Mayberry’; everyone knows each others, it’s a pretty tight-knit community.”

To celebrate that closeness, Fuller introduced Bourbon Food Truck Friday, which he called his “passion project.”

“I really look forward to doing that every year,” he said with a smile. “Seeing all the kids that really enjoy that, and give a good, family-friendly, cheap option of entertainment for everyone to come enjoy. We love seeing old friends, but we do really love seeing new people stopping by.”

Fuller’s mother, Jayne Fuller, who owns The Standard in downtown Bourbon with her husband, Jeff, said it’s at events like that where people can really see the “vibe” of the small town.

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