Skills for the jobs of tomorrow celebrated at Lincoln

PLYMOUTH - It was a celebration of literacy at Plymouth’s Lincoln Junior High on Tuesday night.
Special speakers and activities arranged by the Lincoln Language Arts staff - Paula Neidlinger, Sarah McKenzie, Chelsea Barmfeld, Katie Kappler and T.J. McNally - gave the assembled parents and students of Lincoln a look at the importance of the skills of communication in the modern world.
“The skills we’re talking about today - communication skills - are the most important skills you can have for the jobs of the future,” said Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter one of the special speakers at the event.
Senter spoke to the crowd of the skills he’s used in his career in law enforcement and in politics - reading and writing - and his love of novels throughout his life. He also urged those present to engage in the activity of journaling, pointing to stories that his father has shared in that fashion in his seventies, and his own stories that he hopes to share with his children.
Angelo DiCarlo, a sports anchor at WNDU Television, highlighted the need for accuracy in communicating.
“I have an angry grandmother that calls me from time to time and asks who taught me English,” said DiCarlo. “These days I do as much writing for the website as I do talking on TV and it’s very important to be accurate.
“I even double checked the spelling on the word ‘literacy’ when I Tweeted about it tonight,” he joked.
“Obviously we’re here to promote literacy,” said Neidlinger, one of the organizers of the event. “We want people to know that reading and writing skills are still vitally important and haven’t changed just because of technology. The way things are prepared and delivered today is different but the skills are the same.”
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