Sisters save neighbors from fire

By Sarah Leichty

BOURBON — Mariah and Sydney Musilli were called up front during Triton's school board meeting this week in recognition of a recent selfless deed they had performed. The two sisters, students in Triton’s school system, had assisted their neighbors during a house fire.
“We always say we have good kids and a good community,” commented Carl Hilling, superintendent. “And this is just one of those things that shows it is what it is. We can back up what we say.”

In other business:
Lisa and Mike Eiser, team managers for Triton’s global-bound “Destination ImagiNation” (DI) team, submitted a written report on the school’s efforts in the 2012 regional competition.
“I believe this is the 15th year that Triton has been involved in Destination ImagiNation,” said Lisa Eiser. “I think only two years in that time have we not sent a team to global [finals]. We should be very proud of these academic scholars for all that they do...They’re just very accomplished kids.”
Triton’s highest-placing Jr. High DI team, “Ever Lasting B’s,” attended Monday’s school board meeting. The team ­— composed of Brittney Goley, Brianna Nolin, Brenden Damron, and Evan Rock — was granted permission by the board to travel to Knoxville, Tenn., to compete in the global DI finals. The competition is set to run from May 21 to 25.
The team planned several fundraisers to raise the needed $4,000 to send them to the global finals competition. on May 7 and 8, Bourbon Street Pizza and the Bourbon Subway partnered with them by donating percentages of their profits when customers presented coupons from Triton’s DI team along with their purchases. And, as in years past, pink flamingoes began to “mysteriously” materialize in yards across town.
Among other business, the school board explored the ins and outs of a school bond issue and voted for a public hearing on a proposed amendment to lease, which is integral to this issue. The hearing is planned for the next school board meeting, June 11. Adjustments to the Jr.-Sr. High School handbook for the 2012-13 school year will also be reviewed at the coming meeting in June.
In honor of Ernie Watkins, who worked for the Triton School Corporation from 1968 to 1988, the board approved a move to name the new concession stand building after him.
Due to a reduction in force, the board voted not to renew the contract for Katy Boren as kindergarten teacher. It also approved the hiring of summer school personnel: Jill Finley, Shawna Shively, Curt Kreft, Dawn Gould, Susie Mullin, PJ Watkins, Brittney Brosman, Laura Reese, Ashleigh Hanby, Denise Shafer, and Pat Shearer.
Mary Hayes was approved as the junior high girls’ softball coach for the 2011-12 season, while Layne Leeper’s resignation as maintenance worker was accepted. The board also voted for a JESSE Joint Service and Supply Fund Agreement.
The next school board meeting will take place June 11.