Sheriff submits Commissary Fund report

PLYMOUTH — Each year the Marshall County Sheriff issues his “Commissary Report” to the County Commissioners and County Council to show the intake and disbursement of funds from the Sheriff’s Commissary Fund.
The Commissary is a place where prisoners can purchase personal items as well as things such as candy bars. Below is a summary of outgoing Sheriff Jon VanVactor’s report for July to December of 2010.
The fund showed a balance of $23,686 on June 30 of this year.
From July to December receipts were $42,118.64. Merchandise for resale was purchased at $27,480.95, $4,165.60 was spent on jail supplies and 3,634.42 on misc. expenses, $220.89 were spent on prisoner haircuts. Total disbursements for the period were $35,501.86 leaving a balance on Dec. 31 of $30,303.39.
The Sheriff also submits a complete bank record of all individual transactions for the Commissary Fund for the period.