Shelter seeking supplies for women, children

PLYMOUTH - The onset of summer time means more need at the Heminger House.

The shelter for women and children that are fleeing domestic abuse situations finds a great increase in occupancy and need in the spring and summer months.

“I really don’t know why that is I just know that it is,” said Diane Fisher Case Manager and Advocate at Heminger House. “I think perhaps people feel safer leaving abuse situations in the spring and summer because if they have to they can stay outside. In the winter they might feel that they have absolutely no place to go. Right now we have twice as many people here as we normally do.”

Heminger House provides a shelter for people to escape unsafe and abusive domestic environments of any kind.

With the increase in occupants Heminger House is running through supplies at an increased rate and is seeking donations to help. Each spring the house campaigns in the community for help.

The address of Heminger House is kept as confidential as possible for the safety of those who reside there so those wishing to help are asked to call 574-936-7233 to arrange for pickup or drop off of any donations.