Severe weather possible in our area

Staff Writer

The Marshall County Emergency Management Agency has issued a release about the potential for severe weather in our area.

The National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center is advising of the potential for severe weather in our area later this afternoon into this evening. All of Northern Indiana is currently under a “Moderate” risk of severe weather. The “Moderate” level is the second highest risk level issued. Damaging winds are the main concern with gusts that could be 50-64 mph or greater. Isolated Tornadoes are also possible as well as hail up to 1.5 inches and heavy rains.

Strong winds can cause trees to be damaged which could result in downed power lines and subsequent power outages. NEVER assume that downed power lines are not energized. NEVER touch downed power lines or anything coming in contact with fallen lines such as tree limbs, fences, or cars. If you see a downed power line, keep everyone away and call 9-1-1 or the utility company immediately.

Please take a few minutes to test your All Hazard Emergency Alert Radio to be sure it is functioning properly. This would also be a good opportunity to review your family emergency plan and inventory your emergency preparedness kit. Make sure flashlights and lanterns are working and your cell phone is charged.

A Tornado Watch means that conditions are favorable for tornadoes to develop. In the event that a “Tornado Watch” is issued, you should take precautions to protect you and your property, and listen to the radio or television to stay informed.

A Tornado Warning means that a tornado has actually been sighted.

If a “Tornado Warning” is issued seek shelter immediately. If you have a basement, go to the basement. If there is no basement, a small room in the middle of the house (a closet or bathroom) is best.
If you are in a car or mobile home, seek sturdier shelter immediately!! Most tornado deaths occur in cars and mobile homes.
Always stay away from outside walls and windows.

For more information on Severe Weather, including tornados, visit the National Weather Service website at

If you would like additional information regarding disaster preparedness, please contact Clyde Avery, Director of the Marshall County Emergency Management Agency office at 936-3740.