Senter makes it official, he's running for a second term

PLYMOUTH — Current Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter made it official Thursday morning, speaking to the monthly Republican breakfast when he announced that he will seek a second term as Mayor of the city.
Saying he loves his job, Senter went on to thank his wife Leanne; City Attorney Nelson Chipman; Clerk-Treasurer Toni Hutchings; the Plymouth Common Council; department heads and employees of the city for their help and patience during his first term. He also called his recently deceased father, Wayne, his inspiration.
“I guess it’s in my blood,” said Senter of his father’s example. “He was always deeply involved in community around Speedway where I grew up. My job obviously isn’t the same as volunteering but that sort of spirit that my mom and dad exemplified is my inspiration for what I do.”
“It didn’t cost anything but I feel a big achievement was simply face to face communication,” said Senter. “If somebody calls me or sends me an email I won’t usually respond – I’d rather go meet them at their home or somewhere else and talk face to face. I think people appreciate that and I think it’s important. You may not be able to do that sort of thing in a larger community but in a town the size of ours you can.”
Privatizing city trash pick up and working towards a better downtown were things that Senter feels highlight his first term.
“I would say saving the taxpayers money by privatizing city trash pick up is something that we were able to accomplish,” said Senter. “The city was losing thousands of dollars with the previous system.”
He says there are still issues he would like to attack if elected to a second term.
“Obviously employment and jobs are important and I feel confident we can make strides in that with the new leadership at the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation. In just a few months of working with Jennifer Laurent I’ve been very encouraged with the strides we’ve made.
“I would still like to become more involved with the Hispanic community. We’ve gotten involved with Heart & Hands but there are other organizations in the community we’d like to get involved with. I would really like to be able to see us all be able to share our cultures and get to know each other a little better.”