Sentences handed down in meth manufacturing cases

PLYMOUTH - Sentences of 10 years each were ordered in superior Court I Wednesday for two non-related cases involving the manufacture of methamphetamine.

In the first case, Joshua B. Baughman, 23, of Angola was sentenced in Marshall Superior Court I. Baughman admitted that on Sept. 17, 2012 he assisted in the manufacture of methamphetamine in a vehicle driving along US 30 in which he was a passenger. Two years of the sentence was suspended.

Lt. James Strong of the Indiana State Police was the nearest responding officer and spotted vehicle near the Plymouth Walmart. He stopped the vehicle which had four individuals inside.

The vehicle had recently been reported stolen from the Ft. Wayne area. Two of the individuals gave misinformation about their identities and all denied knowing the vehicle was stolen. Several items related to the manufacture of methamphetamine were discovered in the car, as was a “one-pot reaction vessel.”

Two individuals denied any knowledge of the methamphetamine making operation, and the other two accused each other as the responsible cook of the meth.

Baughman is the third person of the four to be sentenced. The fourth individual, Dana Moon, is scheduled to be sentenced on May 8. Moon has already pleaded guilty to Manufacturing Methamphetamine.

In the second case, Nicholas A. Hundt, 34, of Plymouth was also sentenced in Marshall Superior Court I to 10 years imprisonment.
In open court, Hundt admitted that on June 13, of last year he manufactured methamphetamine in his vehicle as he drove around Plymouth.

(More details about the cases and the convictions provided in the print edition of The Pilot News.)