Roths retire from Acadmies with combined 61 years of service

--Knight and Click also close book on Culver careers--

The end of Culver Academies’ 2012-13 school year brought about the retirement of four members of the faculty/staff who took with them more than a century of Culver experience. Ending their Culver careers were Humanities instructor Bill Roth and his wife, Sue Roth, the director of Administrative Services. Also retiring were L. Coleman Knight, director of Upper Camp, and CGA counselor Jo Click.

A 1963 Culver Military Academy graduate, Bill Roth joined the faculty as a History Department instructor and swimming coach in 1967, having graduated from Trinity College in Hartford, Conn.

The holder of the Vlasic Chair of Teaching, Roth most recently taught the 10th-grade Humanities course, Global Perspectives. For several years he served as level chair for the Modern History and Global History courses for 10th graders. In addition, Roth was a pioneer for the ninth-grade America’s Challenge for the Contemporary World course and has taught the European History AP course.

Roth was the CMA swimming coach (1967-75 and 1988-92), Company B counselor (1977-85), a College Advising counselor (1991-94), and adviser to the Alliance for Student Harmony in the 1990s. He also was the director of the Culver Specialty Camps from 1985-88.

Sue Roth joined the Administrative Services department in 1996 and became the director two years later. In 2009 she was named director of Internal Resources and shortly after became director of operations in the Alumni Office. Prior to her arrival at Culver, she was a marketing manager for a South Bend, Ind., insurance firm. She is a facilitator for Culver’s Teen Talking Circle, scorer for the Culver swim teams, and a Quiz Bowl reader.

The Roths are parents of three Culver alumni: Andy ’89, Tim W’86, and Melissa ’95.

Since 2004, L. Coleman Knight had served full time as the director of Upper Camp and as a Culver Summer Schools & Camps assistant director. Previously, he had worked Culver Summer Camps, starting as a counselor in Specialty Camp (1974-97), Upper Camp counselor (1977-78), and as Upper Camp senior counselor (1979-88). He was appointed the director of Upper Camp in 1989. When Knight accepted the full-time position, he brought with him 41 years of teaching (math, science and English), guidance, and administrative experience at schools in Ohio and Baltimore. That experience included three years as a Battery A counselor from 1972-75, Knight earned a bachelor’s degree in Education form Muskingum College and a master’s degree in Elementary Administration and Supervision from Johns Hopkins University.

Jo Click joined the staff in 1986, when her husband, Master Sgt. Mark Click, took a position as a tactical officer. She worked summers with the Woodcraft program for 12 years, serving as an administrative assistant, assistant program director, and operations director. She also served as an assistant Ropes Course/Fitness Center coordinator.

In the prep school, Click was the administrative assistant for the Department of Leadership before joining the Student Life program in 2002 as the counselor in Court dorm. She has served on the Faculty and Staff Affairs Committee, the Intra-campus Wellness Committee, and the Spiritual Life Committee. She and her husband, Mark, who retired in 2006, have three children and three grandchildren.