The Rooms takes best film at LJH film festival

The Rooms won Best Film at the Digital Storm Film Festival on Wednesday night. From left to right: Dayton Myers, Nathan Filson, Richard Ward, Cooper Eveland.
Staff Writer

Lincoln Jr. High School held its third annual Digital Storm Film Festival on Wednesday night. The school has two such film festivals per school year, one in the fall and one in the spring.
There were five films that were shown that night. The first was titled “Another Day, Another Prank.” It was created by Caden Hooley, Yarely Dorantes-Navejar, Anias Bakian, Skyla Yanez, Natalhy DeLeon. The film is a comedy about a prankster who gets his just deserts.
“Back To Square One” is a mystery that explains why nothing good happens while camping. It was created by Zach Masterson, Connor DeLee, Amber Schrameyer, Alexa Esquivel, Emelin Rodriguez, and Kelsey Vanlue.
“Saved” is a sad but uplifting drama that chronicles a young girl’s struggle over the loss of her mother. It was created by Corinne Rhodes, Jennifer Lopez, Vandalyn Daniels, and Leah Tanner.
The question of can a fish drown in water is asked in the film “Something Fishy” created by Bennett Christy, Logan Walters, Colin Chupp, and Caleb Deacon.
The drama “The Rooms” centers around two boys getting caught in the web of a mastermind. It was created by Dayton Myers, Cooper Eveland, Nathan Filson, and Richard Ward.
The films were judged by author of Ditch That Textbook Matt Miller, CTO and Vice President of Backbone Network George Capalbo, Communications Studies Teacher at Crestview Communication School Randy Tomes, and Computer Applications/TV Production/CTV at Cavalini Middle School Bruce Reicher.
The students at LJH Digital Storm thanked and recognized the sponsors that have donated to the program. Sponsors include 1st Source Bank, The Pilot News, La D’zert Cafe, The American Legion-Post #27, The Sons of the American Legion, Delta Theta Tau Sorority, and Stevens, Travis, and Fortin Law Firm.
After the films were shown, awards were presented. Here are the following awards and the winners.
• Best Cinematography - Something Fishy
• Best Film Editing - Another Day, Another Prank
• Best Visual Effects - Back to Square One
• Best Sound Editing - Saved
• Best Original Screenplay - The Rooms
• Best Film - The Rooms
• People’s Choice Award - Something Fishy
• Best Leading Male - Bennett Christy - Something Fishy
• Best Supporting Male - Dayton Myers - The Rooms
• Best Leading Female - Vandalyn Daniels - Saved
• Best Supporting Female - Anias Bakian - Back to Square One