Rockies try to get defensive in Week 2 match-up at Rochester

PLYMOUTH — The saying is that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and if it bears any truth Plymouth’s Rockies should soon be flexing their muscles.
A week ago suspensions to several key Rockie starters gave their young replacements a total of two days to prepare for an outstanding Bremen football team. Another week of practice will help, but hitting the road to face Rochester Friday is another tough task.
“What happened was a great amount of adversity for our team, our coaches and our community to deal with,” said Plymouth Head Coach John Barron. “Our seniors that weren’t involved have worked very hard to take this negative and turn it into a positive. I feel the kids that were involved with the incident have done the best they can to handle it under the circumstances and it’s time for us to move on and try to turn this into a positive and hopefully build some bridges back into our community.”
And in the meantime also try to win some football games. Friday’s task is not an easy one at Rochester.
“Their quarterback is tall, he’s got an active arm, their running backs are typical Rochester running backs — they run hard and they don’t go down easy,” said Barron. “They’re going to try to formation you. Not the way Bremen does, but they’ll do it some, they’ll go one and two tight ends, they’ll run slots, two and three backs. Basically they are a lot like us, they want to run the ball. They really have the capability to move the ball and score some points. They shot themselves last week with turnovers.”
“On defense they are very active. They aren’t very big but they move extremely well.”
On the Plymouth side a full week to work on the game plan will make some difference.
“We gave up big plays and we turned the ball over, you really can’t expect to win when you do things like that,” said Barron. “Getting more quality reps is going to help and this game is the only one where we play for a traveling trophy — the Hickory Stick — so we really need to come out and play at a higher level.”
Barron is working with one side of the ball in particular.
“We simply have to play better defensively than we did Friday,” said Barron. “Last week I felt we were really in that game late if we can get a stop or a turnover and we didn’t. We have to stop people from scoring. We saw some of it (in the scrimmage) at Penn we saw it again last week. We simply have to get nastier on defense and play with some passion. We have to get some turnovers and stops and be hungry to get the ball back.”