Rockies ready for tough road stretch

PLYMOUTH — After a win over Northridge Friday, Plymouth head coach John Barron feels pretty good about his team’s progress, right?
“Yes and no,” said Barron. “The area we really felt we needed to work on we probably took a step sideways. We still have to get inside defenders off. A lot of that had to do with Northridge on Friday, but some of it had to do with us. We have to take some of that pressure off (fullback Michael) Hartman and get the ball inside.
“Jack (Barron) was able to make a really big play. Their ends were getting upfield, and he was getting the give read all night, (Offensive Coordinator) Mike (Kershner) told him to keep and see what happens, and he was able to have that big run. That happens because we had some great perimeter blocking from our wide receivers and wings who never get enough credit for the way they block.”
Still it was the defense that was the big star last week, turning Northridge away on their three final possessions with field position inside the Plymouth 40.
“I like our front three in (Drew) Dodson, (Kevin) Escobar and (Taylor) Fulton and I like (Vincente) Vasquez and (Caleb) Weirs behind them,” said Barron. “They’ve done a great job of stopping the run on the interior. Our outsides (linebackers) are good, our corners are getting there, I like our defense. If we can keep playing defense I think our offense will get there.”
“When you have a playmaker (on offense) like (Justin) Drudge you always have a chance, and Dakota (Brooke) has been great for us,” said Barron. “I think we have a good team, we have good chemistry, and we’ve played well on the road.”
Which they will have to do again in the coming two weeks with games at Elkhart Memorial this week and Wawasee next week.
“They’ve (Elkhart Memorial) got a lot of 230-plus kids, and they are fast,” said Barron. “We’re not really sure who we’ll see at quarterback. Their defense is physical, they have a typical four-man front.”
“We really need to start well,” said Barron. “They play with a lot of confidence at home. We have to get on them right away. I really feel like turnovers and big plays will be the key.”