Rockies moving on vs. Washington

PLYMOUTH — It’s over. That’s about all that Plymouth’s Rockies want to remember about last week, with the opening round of the playoffs looming.
“You can sum it up and just say it was frustrating,” said Plymouth coach John Barron of last week’s season ending loss to NorthWood by a 7-3 score. “It was frustrating to our kids, frustrating to our staff and I think frustrating to our fans. You shouldn’t lose a game where you only give up seven points.  But that’s a long time ago now. We’ve stopped talking about it, stopped thinking about it and gone back to work.”
A good reason is that it’s hard to figure if there is enough time to completely install what amounts to a brand new defense to face what might be the most interesting and unorthodox offense that many Rockie fans — and coaches for that matter — have ever seen displayed by this week’s opponent South Bend Washington.