Rockies come up short

PLYMOUTH — For Plymouth’s Rockies it was déjà vu all over again in the fourth quarter.
Twice, the Rockies (6-3) had opportunities to score what could have been a game-winning touchdown in the game’s final five minutes. Twice an outstanding NorthWood defensive effort on fourth down turned Plymouth away empty handed and enabled the Panthers (4-5) to take home a 7-3 NLC win.
It was a night when defense was king and NorthWood’s offense — Coy Brown by name — was able to make one more big play than the Rockies could stop. A 20-yard run, capped by a facemask penalty, put him in position at the Rockie goal line to push the ball over for what would be the game’s only touchdown.
“Coy is a pretty good football player, he’s kind of fun to watch,” said Panthers head coach Scott Hoover after the game. “I know a couple of those runs we didn’t block very well. That’s something we can definitely build on.”