Rideon Bicycles of Culver has new owner, location

Jeff Kenney
Citizen editor

Rideon Bicycles of Culver, the only bicycle shop in Marshall, Fulton, and Starke Counties, has changed hands from longtime owner (since 2007) Chris Chambers (who is moving from the area to take a new career direction) to Joe Barnes of Plymouth (pictured ABOVE, at RIGHT).

Barnes has been collecting, restoring, and repairing bicycles for years, and made the leap last month from hobbyist to store owner. Rideon will continue to rent and sell new, used, and restored bicycles, as well as parts, accessories, and memorabilia.

The new Rideon location -- already lined up before Barnes purchased it -- is 115 E. Jefferson Street, formerly the location of The Culver Cabana restaurant (Radeon’s former site, on Lake Shore Drive, was razed last month to make way for an expanded Lakehouse Grille, which is adding outdoor dining this spring).

The store's new location will offer a radical expansion in size, from 800 or 900 feet to 2,300, in addition to the outdoor courtyard out back, where customers can relax while they wait for a flat tire repair.

Barnes is broadening the product line at Rideon. He's already added Fuji brand road and mountain bikes ("They're the fastest production bike in the U.S.," he says), as well as Surley bicycles and Stolen brand, a high-end BMX bicycle. Elektra bikes will continue to be the "headliner" at the store in addition to new, used, and restored vintage and modern models. The new line represents an expansion into mountain bikes previously not carried at the shop.

Barnes points out Culver seemed a more ideal spot to run a bike shop than Plymouth because "you have a place for people to ride," and he adds there's hopes of the increasingly popular sport of winter bike riding (which utilizes wide, spiked tires) facilitated via appropriate bikes at the shop as well.

Rideon is currently open under winter hours of 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Saturday, or by appointment, though hours should expand to seven days a week as summer approaches.
The shop's phone number remains 574-842-4788 though Barnes may be reached by email at rideculverbikes@gmail.com.

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