RBC Precision Products latest recipient of the ‘Pride of Bremen’ distinction

BREMEN — A local business is the most recent recipient of the local beautification accolade, the Pride of Bremen Award. The honor was established more than 16 years ago and is given to owners of homes and businesses in the community who have made improvements to make the structures and land more attractive. The nominees are suggested by town board members, and other town officials or residents.
RBC Precision Products at 225 Industrial Drive in Bremen earned the distinction and displayed the board heralding the honor in front of the business. RBC Bearings was founded in 1919 and acquired (RBC) Precision Products in 1998. The business manufactures various precision Pins, Rollers and Shafts for industrial, aerospace and defense customers worldwide, and has been featured in Machine Design magazine.
RBC Manufacturing Manager Don Poeppel said the company “embraced the project of making the business ‘customer friendly’ in 2010” and improvements began. Those changes included accessing new electrical power from the street to the main electrical panels. All old transformers and power poles were replaced in that process with underground wiring and new transformers.
New roofs were put on the office and main building and addition was built to the southeast corner or the main building. Major metal defects and gutters repaired were also repaired and the overhaul included a final step of priming and painting the entire building with a three-color scheme for RBC.
The operations leadership group of the Bremen location consists of Brett Blauner, Don Poeppel, Billi Miley, Bob Horvath, Chris Wright, Donn Jensen and Sue Peto.
But the work done that made the business more attractive and thus earned them the town honor was credited not to the people in charge of the improvements and business’ operations — and not even to the contractors that actually made the improvements (Ancon Construction, Lakeside LLC, and Colorbill).
“The employees were the most important in the improvements and upgrades,” said Poeppel. “Their hard work and dedication enabled the company to invest in the improvements to our factory.”