Public Meeting at Lake of the Woods planned

BREMEN — The residents around Lake of the Woods will have a chance to sit down with the Marshall County Commissioners to here the county’s final decision about taxes to be assessed on private lake access areas around the lake.
Complaints about public access and placing of private piers in public right of way began a process by the county of looking into just who had ownership of the many area’s at the end of roadways to access Lake of the Woods.
Some were indeed found to have been legally deeded to Marshall County, but many more were found to be private access spots reserved for residents of the many subdivisions around the lake.
During the investigation, it was also discovered by the county that while these parcels of land were privately owned, it had been many years since any taxes were last paid on the properties. The Marshall County Commissioners began the process of replacing the parcels on the county tax rolls for the purpose of having them assessed and taxes paid.
The parcels in question are re-served for the private use of each particular subdivision residents and as such, the taxes will be assessed and equally divided by all the members of the subdivision the parcel is in.
At a special public meeting held this summer to address the question of pier usage and such in the particular public areas owned by the county, the Commissioners revealed that the private land and non-payment of taxes had also come to light and at that time, they announced they would begin the process of seeking to put the property back on the tax rolls for the future.
Before voting on a resolution to replace the land on the tax rolls for the 2012 tax year, the Commissioners will hold another special public meeting with the residents to answer questions.
A tentative date of Saturday Nov. 6 at 9 a.m was decided on — and the Commissioners were to check the availability of the Lake of the Woods Community Building to hold the meeting closer to the residents in hopes of having all interested residents able to attend.