Promotion of city is goal with new website

PLYMOUTH — Updated information for both current and prospective city residents can now be found on Plymouth’s new website,
The site launched Feb. 1, and Mayor Mark Senter said the goal is to promote the city.
“The website is a big improvement from what the city has had for the last 10 years or so,” said Senter.
He said that the community links page will probably be the most used part of the site.
“There are 10 to 15 links on there where you can go to other sites in the city,” said Senter. “We’ve already noticed more things that could be on there and we will add those.”
Sites that link to the city’s site include Plymouth Community School Corporation, Heartland Artists, and the Chamber of Commerce. Another improved feature of the city’s website is the service request section. Residents can ask for help with potholes, burned-out street lights, and overgrown grass.
“These requests go straight to the city office, and then someone from the office sends the requests to the appropriate department head to put in a work order,” explained Senter.
The most important change, noted Senter, is that city department heads can now make adjustments to their own pages. This takes the work away from the city office and enables quicker, more accurate changes to the site.
“Our personnel changeover is not very high, but every now and then someone will retire and we need to get that name off of (the site) as soon as possible,” said Senter.
He expects that the new website will continue to be changed and tweaked as time goes on. The site was designed by DC Tech of Plymouth and Apheus Solutions of Argos and features a new banner highlighting the city’s 140 years in existence. Residents can still use the site to pay utility bills, look up ordinances and zoning regulations, and view building permit applications. A Calendar of Events section also informs residents of any public government meetings.
“(The site) is for the ease of citizens, to find out what’s going on,” said Senter.