Projects reviewed by town council

BOURBON — Bourbon’s town council reviewed the progress of two of its current projects: the storm drain project and the lift station project, at Tuesday’s meeting.
In his statement on the progress of the storm drain project, Don Bixby said that the work “is doing great.” The only likely problem he foresees is with the soil.
“It just doesn’t stand up at all,” he said. “You cut a trench in that stuff and it just caves in. Worst dirt I’ve ever seen in my life, unfortunately.”
Bixby suggested that the town replace the pavement along the project’s route in order to avoid this problem. Rather than causing the project to go over budget, Bixby said he thinks that, even with the added asphalt renovation, the town “can bring the project down under budget.”
He introduced a change order in which the project will adopt a renovation of the asphalt. A motion to adopt the proposed change order was unanimously carried. The cost of the work under the order is estimated at $4,438.
Bixby noted that issues within the project itself will arise before the next town council meeting.
“The workers may be done and gone by the time you have another meeting,” he said.
To solve this predicament, the council appointed Les McFarland as executor of any needed storm drain project orders that surface before its next meeting.
Roger Terry, of the town Street Department, reported on the progress of the lift station project. In a written report, he made known the department’s expected uses of a new lift, among which were tire rotations, oil changes, and brake work. The lift itself (including installation) is projected to cost $3,369.
A debate arose over the benefit of purchasing a lift.
“I took a look and I can’t justify it,” said member Larry Wattenbarger. “I’m against it. I think there are better ways to spend our money.” He also noted the likelihood of the lift being used more for non-city work than for its intended purpose.
“I’m all for the lift,” said McFarland, “because it only takes one time of the jack falling to hurt somebody.”
The vote over the purchase of a lift was tabled for 30 days.
Kim Berger, town clerk and treasurer, brought up the need for roof repair on the town council building. When repair was done on the upper section in 2011, the need for further repair was brought to the council’s attention. Thus, according to Berger, this renovation was already in the budget last year. The council decided to have the lower section of the roof repaired. The project is expected to cost $9,447.
A community work date was projected for May 5. The council made known their wish to get boy scouts, girl scouts, individuals, and churches involved in helping the town clean fire hydrants, pick up the park, and perform other labor. The work is expected to take a full eight hours. The council will announce more information, including a firm date, soon.
Berger was unanimously appointed to the town tourism board.
A motion was made and carried to sell the town’s old Christmas decorations at auction.
The town codes will be updated and are set to be presented at the next town council meeting.