Project Kindness

Project Kindness Moms From left to right- Misty Sorchevich, Marion Ebersole, Megan Atkinson, Sarrah Davis, Abby Collins, Elizabeth Campbell, Kim Abrams.   Not pictured Heidi Barker, Lindsey Houin, and Stefanie Martin.
Staff Writer

Our world can feel very negative at times and it's easy to become frustrated with not knowing what to do about it. We may not be able to change the world, but we can do something to change our own small sphere of influence. Sarrah Davis wanted to do something to help her daughter, Harlow, learn to be kind to others. She put out a notice to friends on Facebook not knowing what the outcome would be. A meeting was scheduled at the Plymouth Public Library in November 2016. Fifteen moms showed up. Obviously, Sarrah wasn't the only one with a desire to teach her child kindness.
At that first meeting they brainstormed and formed plans for a year of activities. Project Kindness was born. The mission of Project Kindness is to put together monthly events to inspire, motivate, and encourage children of all ages to perform acts of kindness in their everyday lives. Everyone is welcome and there is no age limit.
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