The price was right!

S.D. Shank

She didn't even want to go. But, the persistent aunt of this Knox native persuaded her to go. For that Dawn Fletcher, who now lives in California is grateful.
“Yeah, I didn't even want to go, but I'm obviously so glad I did. It's so exciting and it came at the perfect time. I've got a lot on my plate and this whole thing has just been a real breath of fresh air” the 2002 graduate from Knox High School said.
It wasn't just the win that made the whole thing special for Dawn. There was some history for her and the storied Price is Right.
“I love the Price is Right. I grew up watching it with my MawMaw. I used to sit at her feet and watch the show with her every day. When she found out that I was on the show, not only that I was on but that I won, she was shocked and proud. It was a good feeling.”
The experience all began when Dawn's family came out to visit her in California from Knox. After her aunt persuaded her to come down to the studio where they were shooting the Price is Right, they began...
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