Prepare for first winter storm of 2015

Scene from last winter outside of Triton High School
Staff Writer

From the Indiana Department of Homeland Security:

A Winter Weather Advisory will go into effect for a large portion of central and northern Indiana Monday evening. The Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS) is advising Hoosiers to prepare now for the snow and bitter cold.
The National Weather Service predicts 3-5 inches of snow is possible overnight for central Indiana, and 4-6 inches for northern Indiana. Southern portions of the state could see less than two inches.


Heavy snowfall and windy conditions will make travel hazardous Monday night into Tuesday morning. Hoosiers should carefully consider if travel is necessary during this time. Use a variety of sources to make an informed decision.

One of those sources is the Indiana County Travel Advisory Map. It’s updated with information from the county emergency management agencies and describes the conditions for a travel warning, watch, advisory and caution.

The map is available online at, or on your mobile device by downloading the Indiana Travel Advisory app for iPhone ( in the App Store, and Android ( in the Google Play Store.

In addition to the Travel Advisory Map, stay aware of changing travel conditions by monitoring the local news, travel, weather, and social media sites and apps.

If travel is necessary, let someone know your route, expected time of arrival, and how to reach you. Charge your cell phone before leaving. Pack essential items such as high protein snacks, water, first aid kit, flashlight, warm blankets, extra prescription medications and important documents or information you might need during an emergency.

Have a Plan

Hoosiers should also have essential items in the home in case utilities are disrupted. Essential supplies to gather ahead of time in case utilities are disrupted:

Food and water for three days (includes three gallons of water per person, per day)
Battery operated or hand crank all hazards radio
Extra batteries for radio and flashlight
Extra clothing, warm blankets, sleeping bags for staying warm in your home if you lose power
Special items (baby formula, insulin, medications)
Families should also take the time to check with neighbors and see if there’s anything they can do for each other before, during or after the storm.

Extreme Cold

Strong winds could plunge wind chill values to near or below zero. Hoosiers should limit their exposure by staying indoors. Make trips outside as brief as possible. Wear several layers of loose-fitting clothing, and cover any exposed skin with a hat, scarf, and gloves.

Pet owners should be especially sensitive to their animals’ limits when outside. Be sure to provide a sheltered place for outdoor pets and make sure they have fresh water.