Polling sites chosen

PLYMOUTH — Members of the Marshall County Election Board came before the County Commissioners this week to request final approval of the polling sites for 2012.
Members Julie Fox, Nelson Chipman, and Roger Wise had given the commissioners a proposed list several weeks ago. Some polling sites have been combined for use with several precincts. Precincts are determined by the number of registered voters.
All registered voters will receive a card in the mail from Voters’ Registration informing them of the polling site where they can cast their ballot.
Commissioner Jack Roose praised the Election Board for its effort to save the county money.
“I tip my hat to you,” Roose said. Thanks for your diligence finding ways to save dollars.”
By combining sites, the number of workers needed could be decreased by 63 and the savings could be as much as $12,000; although the final numbers of workers needed has yet to be determined. The Election Board has been discussing the possible difference in needs for workers for the primary and for the National Election.
Poling sites have been set at the following places:
• Bourbon Township Precincts 1 & 2, Triton High School
• Center Township Precincts, Center 1, Marshall County Building; Center 2, Plymouth Fire Station; Center 3, Webster Recreation Center; Center 4, Knights of Columbus; Center 5 & 6, Plymouth Baptist Church; and Center 7 & 8, REMC auditorium.
• German Township Precincts: German 1, Lake of the Woods Community Building; German 2, Bremen Missionary Church; German 3, 4, & 5, Bremen High School
• Green Township Precinct: Green, United Methodist Church
• North Township Precincts: North 1, 2, & 3, LaPaz Community Building
• Polk Township Precincts: Polk 1 & 2, Tyner Fire Department
• Tippecanoe Township Precinct: Tippecanoe, Community Center
• Union Township Precincts: Union 1 & 2, Culver Public Library
• Walnut Township Precincts: Walnut 1 & 2, United Methodist Church
• West Township Precincts: West 1, 2, & 3, Pretty Lake Trinity Church Fellowship Hall.
The last two polling sites to be determined were in LaPaz and Culver. Two County Commissioners, along with members of the Election Board, toured the LaPAz Community Building to ensure that the parking and handicap access would meet HAVA (Help American Vote Act) standards. According to Fox, needed replacement of a door, lighting and other repairs will be made prior to the primary. She told the Commissioners that she has applied for a HAVA grant to help cover the cost of the door. The Commissioners signed a contract for the use of the LaPaz Community Building for a period of three years.
Board members also visited the proposed site at the Culver Library to determine if the room was large enough to accommodate the number of voting machines needed and if the placement would be adequate to prevent glare from windows. After consideration, the site was deemed adequate.