Police urge attentiveness after vehicle thefts

Culver police are once again reminding residents to be wary of their vehicles’ security following a rash of thefts in recent weeks from parked cars, as well as the theft of one vehicle itself.
Culver Chief of Police Wayne Bean notes the thefts were not the results of break-ins, but perpetrators entering unlocked cars. Most thefts, he notes, were stereos, though one vehicle had a laptop stolen.
“I know its Culver,” says Bean, referring to the low crime rate in the community, “But people should still lock their cars. People are getting outside more, with the weather changing. Sometimes you only leave (your vehicle) a second, and somebody could steal from it.”
Additionally, Bean also reminds residents to avoid potential scams. Most in this area are telephone and email-based fraud rather than door-to-door, he notes, but there’s an ongoing concern for residents not to fall victim to money-making schemes.
“If it looks too good to be true, it probably is,” he explains, urging residents with any questions about the legitimacy of an email or phone call they’ve received, to contact the local police at 574-842-2525.