Plymouth Walmart voted 'Store of the Year' by drivers

PLYMOUTH — Walmart in Plymouth was recently voted "Store of the Year" by the corporation's Illinois-based distribution center truck drivers. Three of the drivers visited the store Wednesday to hold a cookout for store employees as a gesture of gratitude for their hard work.
"(The award) is because of their consistent attention to detail," said one of the drivers, Steve Schlumpf. "Employees have the trailers unloaded in a timely fashion, they follow up by sweeping the trailers, and the inside of the store is always clean."
"That's a direct reflection on all the associates," added Ron Jackson, another driver.
"We are very appreciative of the award," said store manager Brandon Van Donk. "We don't always get to partner with other divisions of the corporation, with logistics, so it's nice for them to recognize us."
The Plymouth store was chosen out of 93 other stores in the Midwest area that Illinois drivers also deliver to, according to Schlumpf.
"It's an amazing feeling that our store actually gets recognized for something," said employee Darla Bartlett.
"I think it's just because we keep up a clean back room, and we are pretty timely," said another employee, Josh Hill.
Other pluses that drivers cited at the Plymouth store that they don't necessarily see in other stores were: a lighted back area, employees always ready to let them in, and employees general helpfulness and efficiency.