Plymouth kids ink it up

Josh Bachtel, age 6, puts together a nature scene in Gloria Seitz's printing class at Crossroads Church.An artform called "Gyotaku", or Japanese fish printing, will be covered in the printmaking class for older students.Eva Sheedy, age 7, uses ink, her hands, markers, and a blank canvas to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.Thumbprint quilts, another of Seitz's class projects, is an example of the variation in printing.
Rachael Herbert-Varchetto
Staff Writer

PLYMOUTH —Local kids practiced their art skills in a new printing class at Crossroads Church.
Put together by local art teacher and graphic artists Gloria Seitz, students learn the history, variation, and many ways to create in her printing class.
Utilizing foreign techniques such as gyotaku to screen printing, from marble prints to ink blots, Seitz is working to stretch minds young and old.
"You're never too old to learn more about the creative process. It's important to think creatively all through your life time," she explained.
A seven-week class, Seitz's love for art and her passion shows through. Her hope is to continue serving the community by offering art classes throughout the year in a variety of mediums and capacities.