Plymouth grad gets a break in Hollywood

LOS ANGELES, CA – Tyler Langdon had it a little bit backwards, but it seems to be working out.
The 2004 Plymouth grad finished Notre Dame and headed for Los Angeles to make it big – in the restaurant industry.
“That’s the reason I came out here was for a training program at a restaurant,” said Langdon. “Nearly everybody that worked there was an actor or an actress or involved somehow in the film industry. Being around them all the time made me remember how that had always been my dream. I really hated the job so I quit and thought ‘Now what do I do?’ I was already out here so I thought why not go for it.”
The young man who impressed many with his talent while growing up in Plymouth will have a chance to impress the whole world soon. Tyler is one of five actors up for the Hollywood Discovery Award as part of the Hollywood Film Festival. It was something that really almost never happened.
“You’re allowed to submit a two to three minute scene that’s judged by a panel of award winning casting directors,” said Tyler. “I ended up submitting the scene I did just because I had just filmed it and thought why not.”
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