Plan director positions combined

MARSHALL CO. — Ralph Booker, county plan director, is now also plan director for the city of Plymouth. Commissioners voted for this change Monday, after much discussion in previous meetings.
“I’m very much in support of this agreement, I think it’s an opportunity for the city and the county to enhance our teamwork,” said Commissioner Greg Compton.
An agreement between the city and the county has been forged, detailing the terms of Booker’s new joint position.
The city of Plymouth will pay the county $7,000 per year to offset the time Booker might use to do city planning business during his county work day. County Attorney Jim Clevenger noted in Monday’s commissioner meeting that this agreement is only for 2013. He advised commissioners that the city of Plymouth could change that agreement in future years.
Booker will get $6,895 from the city as a contract employee.
In a past meeting, Booker had proposed that he do all planning work for Plymouth either before or after his normal working hours for the county (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.) In the intergovernmental agreement approved by commissioners Monday, Booker would be working on both county and city business throughout the day.
Council member Judy Stone commented from the audience, questioning this part of the agreement.
“Can there be some kind of accounting for the time spent on city business?” asked Stone.
Booker said that he would keep track of time spent working on city business, and added that he will not be doing any violations for the city, which is a time-consuming process.
“I will try to do the things I have to do with the city during normal business hours,” added Booker later. “But if I have to do a side investigation before 8 a.m. or after 4 p.m., I would do that, same as I do for the county. You have to get the job done.”
He added, “I think (the combined position) is a move in the right direction to bring more coordination between the county and the city. I think it’s a positive move.”